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Energy, Society and Science The Fifty-Year Scenario Heading link

Futures Article

George Crabtree, Elizabeth Kócs, Thomas Aláan

Abstract: A vibrant, interactive, and rapidly advancing global society needs an adequate, low cost, predictable and diverse supply of energy; a stable climate; and an international market for energy that mediates across countries, regions, and energy carriers. The science discoveries needed to achieve these energy and societal outcomes are analyzed.

Intro: The next fifty years will witness historic transitions in energy and society. Sustainable energy technologies such as wind, solar, biofuels, carbon sequestration, and electric vehicles are growing in our energy profile. The old paradigm of a few technologically and economically advanced countries dominating the global stage is giving way to the growing aspirations and greater participation of developing countries in world affairs, driven by their desire to secure the societal benefits of economic growth and advanced technology. Increased globalization driven by widespread education, communication, trade, and exchange of people and ideas provides the means for developing countries to achieve their economic and technological aspirations. It is increasingly recognized that a high standard of living is a dynamic benefit: continuous and significant advances in science, technology, innovation, and competitiveness are critical to achieving and maintaining a high quality of life.

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